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Defense Expert Tips on Choosing the Perfect Tactical Vest

Updated: May 1, 2019

How hard can it be to choose the right tactical vest? After all, they’re just one and the same, right? Or are they?

While some people might think tactical vests are all alike, there are actually dozens of makes and kinds on the market. You need to consider several factors to get the tactical vest that’s best for your organization.

Fortunately, our defense experts have narrowed down the most important things you have to keep in mind when choosing tactical vests. Before diving into the useful, and possibly life-saving, information from tactical experts, let’s first find out what tactical vests really are.

What Is a Tactical Vest?

Usually worn over clothing, a tactical vest is a heavy-duty vest that enables the wearer to carry gear while offering enhanced protection during missions. Just like the body armors of ancient times, modern tactical vests vary in design tailored to match the needs or duties of the person who wears it.

Tactical vests feature pockets and contraptions which can hold essential equipment like firearms, ammunition, explosives, and communication gadgets. Their ability to provide handy equipment storage and bodily protection make them an essential part of a law enforcer or a soldier’s uniform.

Things to Consider When Buying a Tactical Vest

Now it’s time to find out which factors you should consider in choosing the most suitable vest for your organization. Defense experts give several points to ponder:


Capacity refers to the what items and how much of these items can fit comfortably in the vest. To determine the vest capacity you need, consider the intensity and length of the mission. If you’re going into a high-risk area, you might need to bring loads of magazines. A mission that lasts several days might require you to bring a hydration system. What do you need to carry around?


Some tactical vests have a fixed layout that fits certain types of ammunition and items only. It’s best to find one that’s compatible with the equipment you use. You can also opt for flexible vests that allow you to rearrange compartments or add accessories.


Tactical vests are often used in the harshest conditions and toughest situations. You should look for strength in the vest’s material, but you shouldn’t compromise breathability and comfort. Kevlar, nylon mesh, PVC, and rubber are just some of the popular choices for tactical vests.

Dominant Hand Adjustment

Most tactical vests are designed for right-handed shooters. To make the most out of their vests, left-handed shooters should get a tactical vest with an adjusted configuration that allows quick and easy access to ammunition and supplies.


Tactical vests should always have the appropriate length and girth. Not only is a poorly fitted vest uncomfortable, it can also be dangerous in hostile settings. While most vests come in one standard size, you can tailor it to suit your frame. Choose a vest with adjustable straps and closures.

Get Expert Advice from Defense Professionals

Vests have a profound impact on your combat performance and personal safety. Triton Defense and Logistics Inc. has equipment experts who can help you decide on matters such as size, compatibility, and materials.

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