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Triton Defense Solutions: Firearms, Tactical Vests, Helmets, and More

Defense technology has gone a long way from the rudimentary armor used in earlier times. Today, the ultimate goal of defense and security mechanisms is to be prepared for all kinds of attack.


It isn’t enough to have an arsenal of weapons—you need to have equipment that can protect the wearer and prevent casualties. With the array of state-of-the-art defense equipment that Triton Defense and Logistics Inc. offers, you can have the advantage in any tactical situation.

Modern Defense Solutions from Triton


Here at Triton, we supply and deliver superior defense products such as firearms, ballistic vests, SWAT equipment, red dot sights, hybrid explosive scanners, and rigid hull inflatable boats, among other high-performance equipment.

Ballistic Helmets

Being in the line of duty often means being in the line of fire. A ballistic helmet is a necessity on the field as it serves as protection for the head. Today’s ballistic or tactical helmet is built to provide exceptional protection while allowing unimpeded mobility. The ballistic helmets we offer come in various styles and configurations, all capable of meeting the demands of law enforcement or military missions.

SWAT Equipment

We offer specialized equipment for the use of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) unit. Triton’s SWAT equipment are especially designed to perform in situations beyond that of ordinary law enforcement. Ask for a SWAT checklist so our experts can tell you more about heavy body armor, sight-enhancing devices, ballistic handheld shields, and more.

Hybrid Explosive Scanners

Hybrid explosive scanners are an invaluable tool in the detection of bombs or other incendiary devices. These next-generation scanners can quickly and efficiently detect the presence of explosive material. Triton offers multiple detection technologies that can deliver the highest level of detection even on the field.

Ballistic Vests

Also known as a tactical vest or bulletproof vest, a ballistic vest is a personal armor that serves as a wide-encompassing protection for the torso. Modern ballistic vests are made of numerous layers of laminated or woven fibers. These materials help absorb impact and minimize or stop projectiles as well as small fragments from penetrating the body.  

Red Dot Sight

A red dot sight enables an ammunition user to have a more focused aimpoint through an illuminated red dot. It’s a non-magnifying reflector sight which can be attached to a firearm or other devices for aiming. With optic sights, an illuminated red dot is generated and it aligns with the weapon for a more decisive shot at a target.

Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats

A rigid hull inflatable boat is often utilized in high-speed emergency and military operation. With its lightweight yet high-capacity design, it can launch on the water easily. Aside from inflatable boats, we also provide submersible and other diving systems with exceptional stability at economical costs.

Delivering the Best Solutions for Your Tactical Needs

Whether you are looking for a handheld shield or a special purpose vessel, Triton has got you covered. For defense support, supply, and delivery in the Philippines and throughout Southeast Asia, call us today at +63 2 7621 0002 or email

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