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Triton Defense

and Logistics Inc.

Bringing Modern Defense Equipment

to Critical Operations

Defense equipment is a vital component in peacekeeping assignments, emergency situations, and military operations. Without proper defense tools, law enforcement, public safety, and military forces will collapse.  
Triton Defense and Logistics Inc. understands the unique needs of defense organizations. Maintaining law and order is no small feat, which is why we are bringing topnotch tactical and defense products to Philippine shores and beyond.

Tactical Equipment Supplier

Law enforcement agencies and military forces encounter and manage all kinds of threats on a daily basis. With appropriate tactical equipment, your defense teams are better prepared and protected. We can provide the modern defense products you need for maximum coverage and superior protection.  
As an established tactical equipment supplier in the Philippines, Triton offers the finest protective products from all over the world. Browse our extensive selection of tactical vests, helmets, bulletproof body armor, and handheld shields.
The brands we carry are known for their enhanced cut, bullet, and fragment protection. Aside from protection, our defense equipment selections offer enhanced agility, performance, and comfort for the wearer. Ask our tactical experts about which products are best suited for your mission.

Military and Intelligence Products


Beyond providing protective gear, Triton also offers a host of military and intelligence solutions that can help you gain operational advantage. As a military contractor, we can provide firearm accessories such as optic sights and red dot sights. We also supply special purpose vessels like rigid inflatable boats, submersibles, and diving systems.


Delivery and Logistics


The delivery of military and defense equipment requires careful planning and secure transportation. Oftentimes, the logistics involve operating under tight deadlines and haulage to remote destinations.
What sets us apart from other defense companies is that we are fully capable of fulfilling product requirements as well as the logistics involved. With an experienced logistics team, Triton can manage unique operations which include heavy haul and heavy lift project transportation.  
Triton’s dedicated customer service and trustworthy staff make us a provider of choice for military and tactical delivery. Our experts are highly capable of handling sensitive tactical equipment, whether transporting via land, sea, or air. Our logistics team can bring your shipment where it needs to go—on time and within budget.


Redefining Defense and Logistics Services

If you are looking for a dependable tactical military supplier and logistics company, give us a call. Triton has an excellent track record of working with military forces in the country. We can handle your defense requirements with efficiency, flexibility, and certainty.
We aim to be at the forefront of military and intelligence products in the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia. With expert advisory, world-class technology, and active end-to-end support, Triton is quickly redefining defense and logistics services within and outside the country.
Triton Defense and Logistics Inc. is fully committed to helping you fulfill your mission requirements. Partner with us and gain access to state-of-the-art defense and tactical solutions. Call +63 2 7621 0002 or email today.

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